New sashimi at Biwa!!!

For the last year we have been dialing in the sourcing, handling, and all the systems required to work with amazing fish and animals from the ocean and we are very excited to announce that we are now offering a daily menu of sashimi and an exciting, robust moriawase selection of the best of the day’s preparations.

Our menu has six or so composed fresh dishes that draw directly from the extremely popular Japanese tradition of savoring raw fish as the pinnacle of deliciousness, paired with a healthy dose of things that we are interested in like fermented sauces, Kina’s folks' olive oil, funny little salads and big unusual flavors.

Everyday the moriawase is a stunning (we think!) selection of the best of what we have to offer for the day. See…


…wow. So pretty, so fresh!

We decided that now is the time to introduce you to this menu for a few reasons:

a) sashimi is a winter food in Japan and it is feeling like winter

b) our menu has a lot of hot/brown/salty things (which are delicious!) and we want to give you some fresh/light/bright options to begin the meal

c) we have this crazy good sake menu and want you to have more pairing options

So come in and try it!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.15.12 PM.png