Yatai are casual, portable indoor/ outdoor restaurants in Japan... kind of like food carts but with the service and charm of a restaurant. Even though they collapse down to a size that can actually be rolled away on foot or by bike, yatai offer the experience of stepping under a curtain from the outside and into a private space. Yatai are predominately nighttime places offering simple food and drink; ramen or udon, yakitori, etc, and are more common in some cities than others.

Since opening our own yatai, Kotori, on the corner of SE 9th and Pine, we have been thinking a lot about these ephemeral almost-restaurants. Below are some old pictures that Kina and Gabe took on a trip to Fukuoka, one of the most famous places for yatai, that we thought you all might like...

Kotori Menu for the week of July 16th

Hi everyone,

Below is our menu at Kotori for this week (... there may be some small changes but...).

Last week was a lot of fun and the yakitori was really delicious... I think this week will probably be even better. We hope you can come join us Thursday - Sunday from 4:PM until sunset.

New Year’s Eve


We are pleased beyond belief about the coming New Year’s Eve but this year we are even more excited than usual because Dan had (what we all think is) such a great idea…

Please celebrate with us the way folks do in Japan…  sharing a hotpot dinner of delicacies with friends and family, replete with sake and sashimi, conviviality and all of the other trappings of memories and a wonderful night together.

This is going to be so much fun, we promise!


… in celebration of a new year


sashimi and osechi ryori …….

…we’ll begin with our nice (the best?) selection of sashimi, raw bar, big feelings and traditional japanese new year’s foods to revel in together…

hotpot  ……

…and then a cascading abundance of delicious things (lovingly chosen  meats, vegetables, fishes, noodles, oddities, delights) that you cook yourself (with our help) at the table in great soup… 

mochi ……

…and finally the simple and beautiful dessert of toasted mochi, fruits and ices. instagram…


 $65/ person dinner

$35/ person extravagant drink pairing


Vegetarians, vegans, the gluten intolerant, etcetera can almost certainly be accommodated… Please ask!

Reservations are required (Please call us at 503.239.8830 or ask your server!) and will be secured with a credit card. 

Thank you so much!!!!!    

ありがとうございます !!!!!